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Russian - German - English
International translations and editing

Interpretis - Xenia Scharnowski

Fair price/performance ratio

Each translation is different. Therefore you can have an influence on the price.
Please pay attention to two important criteria:

1. Text format

In order to save time and thus, money, I recommend you to send me the text to be translated in a format that quickly can be overwritten.

2. Delivery date

A high-quality translation needs time. For that reason, I recommend you to plan the delivery date you request generously in advance.


The calculation basis for translations is a standard line consisting of 55 characters including blanks. The basis of calculation and settlement is the source text.

  • from €0.79 per standard line - depending on expenditure of research and time, volume discount is possible

Interpreting and editing services are settled up by an individual wage per hour.

  • from €30.00 per hour - depending on subject matter If applicable, reimbursement of travelling expenses and per diem rates are possible
  • Legal authorities: according to German Judicial Remuneration and Compensation Act (Justizvergütungs- und Entschädigungsgesetz (JVEG))
  • by €30.00 per hour - depending on the degree of difficulty
I am looking forward to your individual request!

Xenia Scharnowski . +(49)176 24 12 93 06 . Member of BDÜ e.V.
info@interpretis.de . 39124 Magdeburg, Rosenthalstr. 15